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Selveje Danmark is the association for self-governing, non-profit organizations in Denmark.  Founded in 2012, by a handful of non-profit organizations, it today spans to over 170 members in areas such as eldercare, employment, vulnerable youth and homelessness.

We believe that non-profit organizations play an important role in our society. For years non-profit organizations have addressed social challenges and explored opportunities through innovation, entrepreneurship, creative use of resources and most importantly the ability to involve society in a shared vision. The non-profit sector is in several ways enriching different levels throughout our society – the sector creates visionary solutions to social, health and economic problems and provides great service.  To achieve this goal, it is necessary to have a collective voice. This voice is Selveje Danmark.

Selveje Danmark believes in the vision that we all have a responsibility in contributing to welfare. Self-governing organizations are capable of securing and sustaining our welfare society through their unique and value-adding bedrock. An important factor in this process is the involvement of society, focus on quality and development, a not-for-profit approach to the economy and an ongoing dialogue with the surrounding world.

Selveje Danmark strives to be the preferred association for self-governing organizations in the welfare areas in Denmark. This requires a clear external profile and internal service ensuring current members and attracting new members.

The path to this vision is bundled in a clear set of goals which consist of

  • developing a new management model between the self-governing organizations and the government;
  • ensuring that the values forming the basis of self-governing organizations are well preserved in the existing agreements to the government;
  • clearly presenting self-governing organizations as an alternative and supplement to the public welfare system;
  • encouraging self-governing organizations in actively taking part of the future of the Danish welfare society,

ultimately resulting in self-governing organizations being the backbone of the Danish welfare society.

These goals are attained in the following ways:

By having close relations with relevant organizations and ministries in the welfare area (Socialstyrelsen and The Ministry of Children, Gender Equality, Integration and Social Affairs among others) and by actively contributing to politics being formed by politicians we create exposure to our members and give them a public voice.

Selveje Danmark wants to strengthen and nurture the self-governing organizations by making their presence visible and sustaining the political interests but also on a closer level. That is why we offer relevant courses for our members, develop networks, advise on matters such as collaboration with municipalities and frequent acquisition of new members.

Sharing experiences internationally is also an important step in the process. Currently, the Nordic network of associations for non-profit organizations consists of:

Virke Ideel (Norway)    |    Famna (Sweden)    |    Almannaheil (Iceland)    |    Soste (Finland)

The board of directors, covering a large panel in the welfare sector and supporting the work in Selveje Danmark, consists of:

Paul Erik Weidemann

Michael Wulff
Kirkens Korshær




 Bo_Kristiansen_107x145 Bo Kristiansen
Fonden Mariehjemmene
Hans-Christian Jacobsen
Hans Knudsen Instituttet
Emil Tang
Danske Diakonhjem
Michael Hansen
Den Sociale Udviklingsfond
Søren Skjødt


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